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Criminal defense attorney Sonny Im, is a former Judge & Florida Prosecutor in Pinellas & Pasco County. Attorney Sonny Im is an experienced courtroom attorney. With over 20 years of legal experience in and out of court, Attorney Sonny Im can represent you and protect your legal rights. Follow Sonny Im on Google+.

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Florida Laws and Why You Need Sonny Im as Your Lawyer

Law is a complex and intricate subject, however it can also be quite amusing. Here are 10 bizarre Florida laws you never knew existed: Unmarried women are prohibited from parachuting on Sundays (the penalty for an infraction may include: arrest, fines, and/or jailing). Women may be fined for falling asleep under a hair dryer, as […]

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Florida Self-Defense and Stand-Your-Ground Laws

Was I acting in self-defense? In 2005, Florida became the first US state to pass a “stand-your-ground” law. This legislation is particularly important to individuals who wish to plea self-defense. According to the 2005 law, citizens are granted the power to use any measure of force to protect any persons without first retreating from a […]

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Are You Safe from Your Homeowners’ Association in Pinellas County?

In recent news… January 2017: Polk County investigators uncover an 11-year long robbery scheme. 60 year-old, Martha Beard, and her 33 year-old son, Matthew Beard, face up to 30 years in prison for the theft of an estimated $122,780 from a local homeowners’ association. December 2016: A West Palm Beach homeowners’ association loses its bookkeeper, […]

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Are You Safe from Gun Violence in Pinellas County, Florida?

US Gun Violence Statistics: The US spends approximately $229 billion on gun related violence every year America’s gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than other comparable nations In 2010, guns were used in the deaths of 31,076 Americans 64 US school shootings occurred in 2015 1 in 3 people in the US know someone […]

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Clearwater DUI Attorney

Chances are you’ve driven under the influence before and may not have even realized it. A few beers or cocktails doesn’t seem like it would put you over the legal limit, although you’d be surprised how often our Clearwater DUI attorneys sees such cases. You should always be aware of the effects alcohol has on […]

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Tarpon Springs Contract Law Attorney

Business disputes happen every day. Not having the knowledge of certain business circumstances can cause severe consequences. Before entering into a contract you need a Tarpon Springs contract law attorney that can make sure that you understand what legal obligations you are accepting, and also ensure that when you sign a contract you receive the […]

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Pinellas County Auto Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents can seriously impact the lives of those involved as well as their families. Auto accident cases are the most common type of personal injury case in our court system. Since auto accidents often lead to injuries and large settlements it is very important to have a Pinellas County auto attorney with experience […]

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If you are loaded, don’t hold a loaded gun

As a criminal defense attorney, I handle DUI cases as well as all gun related charges. It is common to end up handling both areas of the law at the same time. There is a very seldom used Florida Statute 790.151. All should be aware that using a firearm while under the influence of alcoholic […]

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Family Camping with Lawyers

When your let your wife plan a family camping trip When my 3 kids were little, they really wanted to go camping in central Florida. I was game and offered to borrow all the camping gear from a friend and take the family. My wife resisted for couple of years and then finally gave into […]

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Funny true story in a Criminal Law Class

I was an adjunct professor at a local college teaching a paralegal course in criminal law. Older student in his sixties, who felt superior to his classmates and the young punk lawyer adjunct professor trying to teach him made a bold statement that he knows everything and to stop wasting his time trying to teach […]

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