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Family Camping with Lawyers

When your let your wife plan a family camping trip When my 3 kids were little, they really wanted to go camping in central Florida. I was game and offered to borrow all the camping gear from a friend and take the family. My wife resisted for couple of years and then finally gave into […]

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Funny true story in a Criminal Law Class

I was an adjunct professor at a local college teaching a paralegal course in criminal law. Older student in his sixties, who felt superior to his classmates and the young punk lawyer adjunct professor trying to teach him made a bold statement that he knows everything and to stop wasting his time trying to teach […]

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Funny True Stories from the Courthouse

Reality is very funny and a little strange: A good friend of mine was in a DUI trial. During the jury selection process, he asked the potential female juror in the back row a typical question that we all ask in a DUI case. “Have you ever been stopped, investigated, or arrested for a DUI?” […]

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Domestic Battery

There are some crimes that are color, gender, race, and socio-economic status blind. One of these is domestic battery. Here in the State of Florida, a domestic battery is a first degree misdemeanor with maximum sentence of $1,000.00 fine, court cost, 12 months probation, 12 months county jail, and many conditions of probation that can […]

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Clearwater Cigar Company

I am always looking for good cigars and cigar shops. Having grown up in Hialeah, Florida, I have been a cigar fanatic since high school. There are many shops in Pinellas County where I live now. My favorite shop right now is Clearwater Cigar Company. The owner is a resident clown with a very friendly […]

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Sonny Im – Name Humor

This being my first blog, I thought I would keep it lite and humorous. When my wife and I got married and first thought about having kids, I had a brilliant idea. I told my wife that since I have such a unique last name, which is Im, that if we had a boy, we […]

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Attorney Sonny Im on Google+

Add Pinellas County Defense Attorney Sonny Im to your Google+ circles.

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