Family Camping with Lawyers

When your let your wife plan a family camping trip

When my 3 kids were little, they really wanted to go camping in central Florida. I was game and offered to borrow all the camping gear from a friend and take the family. My wife resisted for couple of years and then finally gave into the kids demands. She told me she would arrange it and just come home early one Friday. Not believing my ears, I left the office at lunch time and rushed home.

Van was packed, kids were strapped in, everyone was excited, and we were on our way out of Pinellas county. My wife gave me directions to a camp ground, and she checked us in. As I pulled into the cabin area, I saw a golf cart leaving with all kinds of linen in the back. Walked into a AC, full kitchen, 3 bathroom 5 bedroom cabin with all the amenities of a home.

I had to ask my wife, “How is this camping?”
She replied with a straight face, “We don’t have room service.”

Couple of weeks later, I heard one of the kids brag to a friend that we went camping, and I had to correct him. That was not camping…

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