Law Office of Sonny Im: Business Disputes

Contract Law Attorney

Business disputes are unfortunately apart of life. Not having the correct knowledge of certain business circumstances can lead to negative results. At the Law Office of Sonny Im, we provide over 30 years of expertise in business disputes. All agreements you enter into have legal consequences. Some must be in writing and others do not. Form contracts provided to you by other parties are drafted by their lawyers to protect the other parties not you. At the Law Office of Sonny Im, one of our Tarpon Spring attorney’s can help with your business dispute. Our contract law attorney’s take pride and commitment to make sure that you understand what legal obligations you are accepting and provide help ensuring that when you sign a contract you receive the protection you need.

At the Law Office of Sonny Im, you will work with an attorney who will draft contracts on your behalf, or alternatively, review and recommend changes on contracts provided to you to sign. In the event that a business dispute arises over the execution of the contract, you will have a contract law attorney already familiar with your agreement and prepared to represent you in negotiating a settlement of your differences or file a lawsuit, and provide to you the advice you need to determine which is in your best interest.

Business DisputesWhether you are beginning a business or already operating one, you should consult with an attorney at the Law Office of Sonny Im to advise you about the legal consequences of the decisions you make almost every day. In the case that a business dispute arises, our contract law attorney’s can provide you guidance on formation of your business entity so that you can reduce the liability risks to which you will be exposed. Whether you are signing a lease or a service contract, you are undertaking obligations about which you may not be aware. Our attorney’s can review agreements and inform you of what risks you face in undertaking these obligations and suggest changes that may reduce or eliminate some risks.

When a business dispute disagreement arises between parties, you should consult with an attorney at the Law Office of Sonny Im regarding the rights you have, and the appropriate method of enforcing those rights. Whether you find yourself in mediation, arbitration, litigation or simply desire the assistance of a professional to try and negotiate a settlement of a dispute, The Law Office of Sonny Im in Tarpon Springs can provide you with an experienced contract attorney who is capable of protecting your interests.

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