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Civil Litigation cases can be time consuming and very costly. In some cases, you may even be held responsible for the attorney’s fees and other costs incurred by the other side. At the Law Office of Sonny Im in Pinellas County, an experienced attorney can provide you with the advice necessary to help you determine your chance of success in a civil litigation suit and professionally advocate your position to your opponent, the court and to a jury. The attorneys at The Law Office of Sonny Im have over thirty years of combined experience pursuing matters in the courtroom, as well as civil litigation in and around Pinellas County.

If you are the subject of a lawsuit, or believe you have the basis for filing a civil litigation, speak to the lawyers at the Law Office of Sonny Im before responding to or pursuing a legal claim. Often, the results are dictated by how matters are handled at the outset of litigation.

At the Law office of Sonny Im in Pinellas County, our civil litigation attorneys want to provide you with the best information possible. If you do not know if you have a basis for a civil litigation case, here are some common examples we have seen working in Pinellas County.

  • Debt settlement litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Business litigation

Civil law is the legal attempt to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or settle a dispute though the court system. If the legal process determines that there is a victim, they get compensation, and the person who is the cause of the wrong pays an amount determined by the courts.

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