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If you have been arrested for any felony or misdemeanor crime in Florida, you know it can be very overwhelming. Also, if you unaware of the Florida criminal process and your available rights, then it is imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney. Understanding your rights and the criminal process are important, as each step in this process is critical to your case. A criminal defense attorney understands these steps and can be the difference if your case goes to trial, gets reduced, or an outright dismissal. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer immediately will put your mind at ease knowing that your rights will be protected.

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With 22 years of trial experience as a Pinellas County Judge and Florida State Prosecutor, the Law Offices of Sonny Im represent their clients with expert knowledge in criminal defense. This type of experience is critical when it comes to preparing your defense case, and knowing what the prosecution case is going to require to prove critical issues, such as, reasonable cause and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Our criminal defense lawyers are experts in raising reasonable doubt. Don’t face these challenges alone. There are several phases to criminal defense proceedings in Florida. To successfully complete this process, an experienced criminal defense attorney will advise and represent you through the following:



  • Arrest or Notice to Appear
    After a crime is allegedly observed or a criminal complaint is made, the alleged
    offender will be arrested and/or served with a notice to appear in Florida


  • First Appearance in Florida
    Within 24 hours of physical arrest and booking into jail, the alleged offender
    will be taken before a judge for his or her first appearance.


  • Preliminary Hearing
    The next step in the Florida criminal process is the preliminary hearing.
    This step is particularly critical when it comes to the evidence in your case,
    because the preliminary hearing is where the evidence against you can be thrown
    out, or your case can be dismissed altogether.


  • Plea Bargaining
    After your preliminary hearing is set and prima facie and probable cause are
    made, either your Pinellas County criminal defense lawyer or the district
    attorney may initiate plea bargaining.


  • Arraignment
    The arraignment hearing is the step where the defendant is formally read the
    nature of the charges against him or her, and then is formally asked to enter
    a plea.


  • Trial and Sentencing
    If you and your criminal defense attorney decide to move ahead
    with a trial, the next step will either be trial by judge or trial by jury.
    A not guilty verdict or dismissal, you are free to go and don’t
    incur sentencing. However, if found guilty, sentencing commences two weeks
    to 90 days from adjudication. Depending on the severity of your offense,
    your sentence could include fines, jail time, probation, community service,
    or any other penalties the judge deems appropriate.

Criminal defense attorney Sonny Im is dedicated to helping you over every hurdle to defend your rights and fight your charges. Whether your facing misdemeanor or felony charges, contact an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Sonny Im, or call 727-939-8200 today for a FREE initial consultation. We Can Help You!