Are You Safe from Gun Violence in Pinellas County, Florida?

US Gun Violence Statistics:

  • The US spends approximately $229 billion on gun related violence every year
  • America’s gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than other comparable nations
  • In 2010, guns were used in the deaths of 31,076 Americans
  • 64 US school shootings occurred in 2015
  • 1 in 3 people in the US know someone who has been shot

Are you safe?

Unfortunately, no one is completely immune from the threat of gun violence—not even Pinellas County. In fact, Florida gun related deaths/injuries have spiked over recent years. Since 2005, Florida has seen a 32% increase in gun related killings. According to medical records, an average of one Floridian child is shot every 17 hours.

Only a few days ago, on May 29, a 10 year-old boy was shot twice in an accidental shooting in St. Petersburg. Five young kids were playing with a gun they believed to be unloaded.

Such staggering and distressing statistics may leave you with a sense of hopelessness. In a world of uncertainty, you deserve to be certain of one thing: the competency of your attorney. Sonny Im, a Pinellas County attorney, is dedicated to the protection of your safety and rights. Contact him today with any questions: 727-939-8200

He is dedicated to your success!

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